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The Cape Peninsula


Cape Town could be the provincial capital with the Western Cape. It is also the second largest city in South Africa regarding population. As the most widely used tourist destination inside the continent, it is best noted for its colorful African culture, world class international hotels, lavish restaurants, amazing safaris and superior waters. In the alternative, have the travel agency you booked through pick you up in the airport and deliver your car or truck later the day you arrive or overnight. You wouldn’t believe just how super convenient this can be plus it actually finally ends up saving you money. Play your cards right and book using a travel agency that gives service that does not gouge you, and you’ll discover the rental-car is just that – the rental and service – “without” any extra surprise charges tacked onto your credit card. Now that’s refreshing. The city is flanked on two sides by beaches with the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and the crystal clear Atlantic lapping against long sands that have made Capetonians a city of beach-lovers. To the south-west and a half-day excursion away will be the Cape of Good Hope; below is Robben Island, former prison the place to find Nelson Mandela and another must-see. What exactly does that mean? For a start, this really is one sophisticated city. It does not, and don’t has, offered itself like a mass-market tourist destination. It has a calm but chic style that typically suits greater discerning traveller. It is often termed as Africa’s most cosmopolitan city which seems justified if you look at its cultural and commercial attractions. That perception is enhanced by the fact that this is one of several oldest cities in southern Africa, a minimum of in European terms, having a history rediscovering the reassurance of the 15th century. It would be wrong to express that Green Point keeps growing as it doesn’t actually have anywhere to develop unless it starts spilling out in the sea. There is however an aspect of it that is growing and that is the accommodation. It is just as one increasingly attractive choice for overseas visitors. Its proximity to the city as well as the ocean, its vibrant other, first class restaurants and most importantly its excellent accommodation are helping it become an additional popular stop about the Cape Town tourist map.